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Proteins encoded by the human c-myc oncogene: differential expression in neoplastic cells.

Hann, S R and Eisenman, R N (1984) Proteins encoded by the human c-myc oncogene: differential expression in neoplastic cells. Molecular and cellular biology, 4 (11). pp. 2486-2497. ISSN 0270-7306

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To examine myc protein products in the wide variety of human tumor cells having alterations of the c-myc locus, we have prepared an antiserum against a synthetic peptide corresponding to the predicted C-terminal sequence of the human c-myc protein. This antiserum (anti-hu-myc 12C) specifically precipitated two proteins of 64 and 67 kilodaltons in quantities ranging from low levels in normal fibroblasts to 10-fold-higher levels in Epstein-Barr virus-immortalized and Burkitt's lymphoma cell lines, to 20- to 60-fold-higher levels in cell lines having amplified c-myc. The p64 and p67 proteins were found to be highly related by partial V8 proteolytic mapping, and both were demonstrated to be encoded by the c-myc oncogene, using hybrid-selected translation of myc-specific RNA. In addition, the p64 protein was specifically precipitated from cells transfected with a translocated c-myc gene. Both p64 and p67 were found to be nuclear phosphoproteins with extremely short half-lives. In tumor cell lines having alterations at the c-myc locus due to amplification or translocation, we observed a significant change in the expression of p64 relative to p67 when compared with normal or Epstein-Bar virus-immortalized cells.

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