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V-myc- and c-myc-encoded proteins are associated with the nuclear matrix.

Eisenman, R N and Tachibana, C Y and Abrams, H D and Hann, S R (1985) V-myc- and c-myc-encoded proteins are associated with the nuclear matrix. Molecular and cellular biology, 5 (1). pp. 114-126. ISSN 0270-7306

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A series of extraction procedures were applied to avian nuclei which allowed us to define three types of association of v-myc- and c-myc-encoded proteins with nuclei: (i) a major fraction (60 to 90%) which is retained in DNA- and RNA-depleted nuclei after low- and high-salt extraction, (ii) a small fraction (1%) released during nuclease digestion of DNA in intact nuclei in the presence of low-salt buffer, and (iii) a fraction of myc protein (less than 10%) extractable with salt or detergents and found to have affinity for both single- and double-stranded DNA. Immunofluorescence analysis with anti-myc peptide sera on cells extracted sequentially with nucleases and salts confirmed the idea that myc proteins were associated with a complex residual nuclear structure (matrix-lamin fraction) which also contained avian nuclear lamin protein. Dispersal of myc proteins into the cytoplasm was found to occur during mitosis. Both c-myc and v-myc proteins were associated with the matrix-lamin, suggesting that the function of myc may relate to nuclear structural organization.

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