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FH3, a v-myc avian retrovirus with limited transforming ability.

Chen, C and Biegalke, B J and Eisenman, R N and Linial, M L (1989) FH3, a v-myc avian retrovirus with limited transforming ability. Journal of virology, 63 (12). pp. 5092-100. ISSN 0022-538X

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We have isolated a new acute avian transforming virus which contains the oncogene myc. This virus, designated FH3, was isolated after injection of a 10-day-old chick embryo with avian leukosis virus. While FH3 shares many properties with other v-myc-containing avian retroviruses, it also has several unique properties. The primary target for transformation in vitro is chicken macrophages; infection of chicken fibroblasts does not lead to complete morphological transformation. FH3 also exhibits a limited host range, in that Japanese quail macrophages and fibroblasts are infected but are not completely transformed. FH3 induces in vivo a limited tumor type if injected into 10-day-old chick embryos; only a cranial myelocytoma, which does not appear to be metastatic, can be detected. The v-myc gene of FH3 is expressed predominantly as a P145 Gag-Myc protein which is encoded by a ca. 8-kilobase genomic RNA. This FH3-encoded polyprotein is localized in the nucleus of all infected cells, whether or not they are transformed.

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