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A complex containing N-CoR, mSin3 and histone deacetylase mediates transcriptional repression.

Heinzel, T and Lavinsky, R M and Mullen, T M and Söderstrom, M and Laherty, C D and Torchia, J and Yang, W M and Brard, G and Ngo, S D and Davie, J R and Seto, E and Eisenman, R N and Rose, D W and Glass, C K and Rosenfeld, M G (1997) A complex containing N-CoR, mSin3 and histone deacetylase mediates transcriptional repression. Nature, 387 (6628). pp. 43-48. ISSN 0028-0836

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Transcriptional repression by nuclear receptors has been correlated to binding of the putative co-repressor, N-CoR. A complex has been identified that contains N-CoR, the Mad presumptive co-repressor mSin3, and the histone deacetylase mRPD3, and which is required for both nuclear receptor- and Mad-dependent repression, but not for repression by transcription factors of the ets-domain family. These data predict that the ligand-induced switch of heterodimeric nuclear receptors from repressor to activator functions involves the exchange of complexes containing histone deacetylases with those that have histone acetylase activity.

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DOI: 10.1038/387043a0
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Keywords or MeSH Headings: Animals; Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Leucine Zipper Transcription Factors; Binding Sites; Cell Line; DNA-Binding Proteins/physiology; Gene Expression Regulation; Hela Cells; Histone Deacetylases/physiology; Humans; Nuclear Proteins/physiology; Protein Binding; Rats; Receptors, Cytoplasmic and Nuclear/physiology; Receptors, Thyroid Hormone/genetics; Recombinant Fusion Proteins/genetics/metabolism; Repressor Proteins/physiology; Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins; Transcription Factors/physiology; Transcription, Genetic; Transfection;
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