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Chromosomes and Expression Mechanisms

Tsukiyama, Toshio and Parkhurst, Susan M (2006) Chromosomes and Expression Mechanisms. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 16 (2). pp. 101-103. ISSN 0959-437X

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Introduction Whether one considers a single cell or a multicellular organism, a complex and precisely coordinated series of regulatory events and communications is required to ensure its proper configuration and function. One of the major goals in biology is to understand how cells differentiate into specific types to perform their roles in vivo. Genome sequencing projects have produced enormous amounts of data that are beginning to reveal the blue print of body plans for various organisms. Despite this wealth of new information, we are still far from understanding how cells differentiate. This is, in part, because we are not yet able to fully appreciate how this genetic information is being read by the transcription machineries. It is widely accepted that specific gene expression patterns are responsible for differentiation and maintenance of specific cell types, with mistakes in these regulatory steps often leading to developmental defects and the onset of cancers. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms of transcriptional control is a necessary prerequisite to achieve this major goal in biology. To this end, we need to know more about the substrate of transcription (chromatin), as well as the effectors of transcription (transcription factors). The theme of this issue of Current Opinion in Genetics & Development is the mechanism of transcriptional regulation, with an emphasis on latest topics in this rapidly moving area of research. Because chromatin structure deeply affects transcription at multiple stages, a significant portion of this issue is devoted to the mechanisms related to chromatin regulation.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.gde.2006.02.016
Subjects: Cellular and Organismal Processes > Development
Cellular and Organismal Processes > Cell Physiology > Cell differentiation
Cellular and Organismal Processes > Genetic processes > Transcription
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