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Genetic and physical mapping of the mouse Ulnaless locus.

Peichel, Catherine L and Abbott, C M and Vogt, T F (1996) Genetic and physical mapping of the mouse Ulnaless locus. Genetics, 144 (4). pp. 1757-1767. ISSN 0016-6731

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The mouse Ulnaless locus is a semidominant mutation which displays defects in patterning along the proximal-distal and anterior-posterior axes of all four limbs. The first Ulnaless homozygotes have been generated, and they display a similar, though slightly more severe, limb phenotype than the heterozygotes. To create a refined genetic map of the Ulnaless region using molecular markers, four backcrosses segregating Ulnaless were established. A 0.4-cM interval containing the Ulnaless locus has been defined on mouse chromosome 2, which has identified Ulnaless as a possible allele of a Hoxd cluster gene(s). With this genetic map as a framework, a physical map of the Ulnaless region has been completed. Yeast artificial chromosomes covering this region have been isolated and ordered into a 2 Mb contig. Therefore, the region that must contain the Ulnaless locus has been defined and cloned, which will be invaluable for the identification of the molecular nature of the Ulnaless mutation.

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