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Tunnel assay in chickens

Neiman, P E Tunnel assay in chickens. Other. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

[img] Image (80*. Tunnel assay embryonic day 18 bursal follicles)
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution.

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[img] Image (81*. Tunnel assay normal 4 week bursal follicles)
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution.

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Bursal Apoptosis. Images from “An atlas of normal and Myc-induced neoplastic development in the bursa of fabricius.” Access the full Atlas at

Item Type: Monograph (Other)
Additional Information: A version of slides 80 and 81 were published in Neiman PE, Summers J, Thomas SJ, Xuereb S, and Loring G. Genetic instability and apoptotic cell death during neoplastic progression of v-myc initiated B-cell lymphomas in the bursa of Fabricius. Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantiative Biology. Molecular Genetics of Cancer, 59:509-515, 1994 These slides are freely available for educational purposes. If you would like to use any images in a publication, please acknowledge Paul Neiman as the source
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