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No Formaldehyde, No Problem for New Genome-Wide Chip Method

Zentner, Gabriel (2014) No Formaldehyde, No Problem for New Genome-Wide Chip Method. Science Spotlight, 4 (1).

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Additional Information: Kasinathan S, Orsi GA, Zentner GE, Ahmad K, Henikoff S. 2013. High-resolution mapping of transcription factor binding sites on native chromatin. Nat Methods Epub 15 Dec 2013. See also: Lee TI, Young RA. 2013. Transcriptional Regulation and Its Misregulation in Disease. Cell 152(6):1237-1251. Maurano MT, Humber R, Rynes E, Thurman RE, Haugen E, Wang H, Reynolds AP, Sandstrom R, Qu H, Brody J, Shafer A, Neri F, Lee K, Kutyavin T, Stehling-Sun S, Johnson AK, Canfield TK, Giste E, Diegel M, Bates D, Hansen RS, Neph S, Sabo PJ, Heimfeld S, Raubitschek A, Ziegler S, Cotsapas C, Sotoodehnia N, Glass I, Sunyaev SR, Kaul R, Stamatoyannopoulos JA. 2012. Systematic Localization of Common Disease-Associated Variation in Regulatory DNA. Science 337(6099):1190-1195. O’Neill LP, Turner BM. 2003. Immunoprecipitation of native chromatin: NChIP. Methods 31(1):76-82. Teytelman L, Thurtle DM, Rine J, van Oudenaarden A. 2013. Highly expressed loci are vulnerable to misleading ChIP localization of multiple unrelated proteins. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110(46):18602-18607. Zentner GE, Tsukiyama T, Henikoff S. 2013. ISWI and CHD chromatin remodelers bind promoters but act in gene bodies. PLOS Genet 9(2):e1003317. Rhee HS, Pugh BF. 2011. Comprehensive genome-wide protein-DNA interactions detected at single-nucleotide resolution. Cell 147(6):1408-1419.
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