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Toggle Switch: Interactions Between Vpx/Vpr And SAMHD1 In Lentiviruses

Brennan, Greg (2013) Toggle Switch: Interactions Between Vpx/Vpr And SAMHD1 In Lentiviruses. Science Spotlight, 3 (10).

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Additional Information: Fregoso OI, Ahn J, Wang C, Mehrens J, Skowronski J, Emerman M. 2013. Evolutionary toggling of Vpx/Vpr specificity results in divergent recognition of the restriction factor SAMHD1. PLoS Pathog. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1003496. See also: Lim ES, Fregoso OI, McCoy CO, Matsen FA, Malik HS, Emerman M. 2012. The ability of primate lentiviruses to degrade the monocyte restriction factor SAMHD1 preceded the birth of the viral accessory protein Vpx. Cell Host Microbe. 2:194-204. See also: Laguette N, Rahm N, Sobhian B, Chable-Bessia C, Münch J, Snoeck J, Sauter D, Switzer WM, Heneine W, Kirchhoff F, Delsuc F, Telenti A, Benkirane M. 2012. Evolutionary and functional analyses of the interaction between the myeloid restriction factor SAMHD1 and the lentiviral Vpx protein. Cell Host Microbe. 2:205-17.
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