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Decreased Merkel Cell Carcinoma Survival in Immune-Suppressed Individuals

Morris, Valerie (2013) Decreased Merkel Cell Carcinoma Survival in Immune-Suppressed Individuals. Science Spotlight, 3 (1).

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Additional Information: Paulson K.G., Iyer J.G., Blom A., Warton E.M., Sokil M., Yelistratova L., Schuman L., Nagase K., Bhatia S., Asgari M.M., and Nghiem P.J. 2012. Systemic Immune Suppression Predicts Diminished Merkel Cell Carcinoma-Specific Survival Independent of Stage. Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2012 Epub ahead of print, doi: 10.1038/jid.2012.388. Also see: Paulson K.G., Carter J.J., Johnson L.G., Cahill K.W., Iyer J.G., Schrama D., Becker J.C., Madeleine M.M., Nghiem P., and Galloway D.A. 2010. Antibodies to merkel cell polyomavirus T antigen oncoproteins reflect tumor burden in merkel cell carcinoma patients. Cancer Research. 70:8388-97. Paulson K.G., Iyer J.G., Tegeder A.R., Thibodeau R., Schelter J., Koba S., Schrama D., Simonson W.T., Lemos B.D., Byrd D.R., Koelle D.M., Galloway D.A., Leonard J.H., Madeleine M.M., Argenyi Z.B., Disis M.L., Becker J.C., Cleary M.A., and Nghiem P. 2011. Transcriptome-wide studies of merkel cell carcinoma and validation of intratumoral CD8+ lymphocyte invasion as an independent predictor of survival. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 29:1539-46. Bhatia S., Afanasiev O., and Nghiem P. 2011. Immunobiology of Merkel cell carcinoma: implications for immunotherapy of a polyomavirus-associated cancer. Current Oncology Reports.13:488-97
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