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Chen, Hung-Ta and Warfield, Linda and Hahn, Steven (2007) The positions of TFIIF and TFIIE in the RNA polymerase II transcription preinitiation complex. Nature structural & molecular biology, 14 (8). pp. 696-703. ISSN 1545-9993

Coyle, Susan M and Huntingford, Felicity A and Peichel, Catherine L (2007) Parallel evolution of Pitx1 underlies pelvic reduction in Scottish threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). The Journal of Heredity, 98 (6). pp. 581-586. ISSN 0022-1503


Gow, Jennifer L and Peichel, Catherine L and Taylor, Eric B (2007) Ecological selection against hybrids in natural populations of sympatric threespine sticklebacks. Journal of evolutionary biology, 20 (6). pp. 2173-2180. ISSN 1010-061X


Kitano, Jun and Mori, Seiichi and Peichel, Catherine L. (2007) Sexual Dimorphism in the External Morphology of the Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus). Copeia, 2007 (2). pp. 336-349. ISSN 0045-8511

Kitano , Jun and Mori, Seiichi and Peichel, Catherine L (2007) Phenotypic divergence and reproductive isolation between sympatric forms of Japanese threespine sticklebacks. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 91 (4). p. 671. ISSN 00244066


Mato, José M. and He, Fuchu and Beretta, Laura (2007) The 2006 Human Liver Proteome Project (HLPP) Workshops. Proteomics - Clinical Applications, 1 (5). pp. 442-445. ISSN 1862-8346


Secombe, Julie and Li, Ling and Carlos, Leni and Eisenman, Robert N (2007) The Trithorax group protein Lid is a trimethyl histone H3K4 demethylase required for dMyc-induced cell growth. Genes & development, 21 (5). pp. 537-551. ISSN 0890-9369

Streelman, J.T. and Peichel, Catherine L and Parichy, D.M. (2007) Developmental Genetics of Adaptation in Fishes: The Case for Novelty. Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics, 38 (1). pp. 655-681. ISSN 1543-592X


Wiggins, Benjamin and Malik, Harmit (2007) Molecular evolution of Drosophila Cdc6, an essential DNA replication-licensing gene, suggests an adaptive choice of replication origins. Fly, 1 (3). pp. 155-163. ISSN 1933-6942

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